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Cabins and Buildings

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Cabins and Buildings


Each cabin can sleep 16 participants.The Babler Outdoor Education Center (OEC) can sleep a total of 160 participants. Each identical cabin sleeps 20​ participants. In each cabin, twelve of the sleeping spaces are are single beds, eight of the sleeping spaces are bunk beds. Mattresses are provided for each bed; campers need to bring their own bedding, pillows and towels.
The cabins at OEC are spacious and offer electricity, restrooms, heat and a working fireplace.  The cabins are not air-conditioned, but have several large overhead fans and the windows open to allow for plenty of fresh air. 

The cabins are named after common trees found in Missouri:
Pod 1: Elm, Redbud, Hickory and Dogwood  
Pod 2: Oak, Red Cedar, Walnut and Maple


Groups are asked to clean up after themselves during and after their stay.  OEC provides extra toilet paper, trash bags, and cleaning supplies (brooms, cleaning solution, rags, mops, etc).  Groups need to provide their own hand soap, paper towels, and towels for bathing. 

Cabins will be assigned based on the number of participants listed on the application.  Reasonable exceptions will be made to accommodate male/female ratios.  Groups that desire more cabin space than number of participants will be charged for the unused beds in each cabin.  At least two adults must sleep in the cabins with youth.  Please do not let children roughhouse, horseplay or pillow fight in the cabins.  Activities such as pranks and practical jokes are not allowed and groups engaging in these types of activities will be asked to leave the facility and charged for any cleanup resulting from these activities. 

​Dining Hall

The dining hall can be set up in a variety of ways to fit your needs.At the heart of the Outdoor Education Center is the Dining Hall, a place that draws participants together for meals, meetings, and activities.  The Dining Hall is heated, but not air-conditioned. Large picture windows look out over the surrounding fields and can be opened to allow fresh air in. Tables of various sizes (square, rectangle, round) and chairs can be arranged as each group ​sees fit. Separate male and female restrooms are located inside the building.  A spacious porch serves as the perfect gathering place for meals and announcements.

​Recreation Hall

The Babler OEC recreation hall can be used year round as it is equipped with heating and air conditioning.Located near several large activity fields the Recreation Hall often serves as the center of activities for a group’s stay at OEC.  Heat and air-conditioning allow the Rec Hall to be used year round for a basketball or volleyball game, craft activities, or large group meetings.  Tables and chairs are available for groups to arrange according to their needs.  Separate male and female restrooms are located inside the building. The smaller activity area inside the Rec Hall has a small kitchenette and washer and dryer. The gymnasium has basketball standards, volleyball stanchions and plenty of space for any activity. 

​Administration Building

You will find the Babler OEC staff in the administaration building.

The Administration Building serves as the office facility for OEC staff and a health center for user groups.  The building has two bedrooms with 4 beds in each.  All beds in Admin are bunk beds.  There is a nurse’s station and two restrooms in the building.  Groups wishing to use Admin need to understand that the building is used as an office on a daily basis for all OEC staff and will need to plan accordingly. 


A large tent covers a concrete floor to provide space for group meetings, crafts or classes.Located between the Administration Building and Dining Hall is a 40’ X 60’ tent with concrete floor. The tent is available for group use from approximately April through October, weather depending. The tent is an ideal location for large group meetings, craft activities and education classes.


There are four picnic pavilions at the OEC.There are four picnic pavilions located at OEC that are available for group use.  The pavilion by Administration Building has picnic tables.  The two pavilions located by the cabins have picnic tables and barbeque pits located nearby.  The pavilion behind the Dining Hall is the largest, featuring lights, picnic tables and a covered barbeque pit. 


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