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WiLD Survival Academy (Classes)
WiLD Survival Academy (Classes)

​​​​​​​​​​​​Designed specifically for middle school participants, these classes have been developed to introduce new outdoor survival skills in a fun and faced paced environment.  With a different focus each day, participants can sign up for individual classes based on their interests.  Come outside a​nd discover something new with BablerWiLD!

Learn how to build a shelter in Survival Academy.Have fun while learning in the outdoors with BablerWiLD.

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​Grades 6 - 8
$59 ​| Babler OEC Outpost

Lunch is not provided for this program

Monday June 24

Discover the joys of conquering the trail with BablerWiLD!  This class is a must for anyone interested in spending time in the great outdoors.  Practice hiking skills from start to finish including preparation, safe hiking techniques and leave no trace.  Lace up your hiking shoes and join us as we trek through the woods at Babler State Park! ​

Survival Fires
Tuesday June 25

Fire in a survival situation can be the difference between life and death.  What if everything is wet?  What if you don't have a lighter?  Go beyond conventional fire starting methods and learn first-hand the adversities and rewards of creating a survival fire.  

Shelter Building
Wednesday June 26

How do you make a shelter water proof without a tarp?  Where should you build a shelter?  Is this poison ivy?  Master new skills to execute a proper survival shelter that can save your life from the harshest elements Missouri can experience. 

Find Your Food
Thursday June 27

How long can I go without food?  Is this plant edible?  How do I make a trap?  Answer these questions and more as we discover just what nature can provide for us in terms of food!  *We will not be hunting, trapping, or eating live animals.  

Friday June 28

Are you up for a challenge?  Participants will be split into teams and will face outdoor survival challenges.  Challenges will focus on survival situations and will include topics covered earlier in the week.  Participation in other survival academy classes is not mandatory.


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