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WiLD Outdoor Weeks (Full Day)
WiLD Outdoor Weeks (Full Day)
​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Parkway-Rockwood Community Education and Babler State Park have collaborated to provide children with a unique outdoor summer day camp experience! Located inside the Babler State Park at the OEC Outpost (former Babler State Park Stables), BablerWiLD Day Camp is designed to encourage campers to jump in and learn about nature firsthand through daily exploration and discovery. Fun and unique activities encourage creativity, curiosity, physical activity and hands-on learning. Camp is a great place to make new friends, practice responsibility, build self-confidence and develop new s​kills. Each week is dedicated to a theme and all activities such as crafts, hikes, games, science experiments, outdoor skills, teambuilding activities and environmental lessons are focused around that theme. Information for each individual WiLD Outdoor Weeks is available through the links to the left.  Come and see what BablerWiLD has to offer!

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Camp Store

Camp Store is available during the WiLD Outdoor Weeks only.  When registering online you will have the opportunity to make a second purchase to add $10 in your camper's store account for each week they will attend.  Each child will then have an opportunity to purchase one snack, one drink, and one toy at the end of the camp day.

Camp Store is an optional part of camp.  If you choose not to participate it will not effect your child's ability to have a snack.  All campers receive a snack in the morning and campers who do not purchase a snack in the afternoon will be offered an alternative snack.  Any remaining balances will be donated towards future BablerWiLD programming unless a refund is specifically requested.  While campers will never be required to hold on to any physical currency, this is a great opportunity to help teach your camper responsibility and the value of money.     

​​Snack Choice ExamplesDrink Choice ExamplesToy Choice Examples
​Fruit Snacks

Granola bars
Goldfish crackers
Pudding cups
Cereal box
Sun chips​


Capri Sun
Apple juice
Sunny D
Flavored Water​

​Bouncy ball

Parachute men
Silly putty
Folding Hand Fans
​Mini Frisbees​


A healthy, varied and well balanced lunch is catered every day by Rockwood Child Nutrition Services and is included in the cost of camp. Snack is also provided twice daily.  While the food served by BablerWiLD is peanut free, our kitchen serves many different purposes during the summer and we cannot guarantee a peanut free kitchen.  

Campers with dietary concerns (or picky taste buds) are welcomed and encouraged  to bring a packed lunch from home.  A refrigerator is available on site to store lunches.  For more information or questions/concerns regarding food allergies, please call the Babler OEC directly at 636-458-3048.​


Monday: Chicken Patty on Bun, Fresh Vegetable w/ Ranch Dressing, Fresh Fruit
Tuesday: Hot Dog on Bun (Turkey Dog), Pretzels, Fresh Fruit, Fresh Vegetable w/ Ranch Dressing
Wednesday: Bosco Bread Sticks w/Marinara (2 per person), Fresh Vegetable w/Ranch, Fresh Fruit
Thursday: Hamburger on Bun (cheese served on the side), Pickles, Fresh Vegetable w/Ranch, Fresh Fruit, Tortilla Chips w/Salsa, Frozen Juice Bars
Friday: Dominos Pizza (pepperoni or cheese) (2 slices per person), Fresh Vegetable w/Ranch, Fresh Fruit​​

Before and After Care

Before and After Care is available at most pick-up and drop-off locations for additional fees.  This service is availalble for any child who has completed Kindergarten and is open to all BablerWiLD families regardless of school district.  BablerWiLD counselors will supervise and transport campers to and from BablerWiLD each day.  See individual camp pages for locations and availability.  

Before and After Care is not available at the BablerWiLD camp facility located in Babler State Park.​


BablerWiLD Full Day Camps offer two options to transport campers to and from camp.

1.  Bus service to and from camp will be available again this year.  A BablerWiLD counselor will check the campers in/out at each location and will provide supervision on the bus.  This service is included in the cost of camp and allows an opportunity for camper independence.  Camper check-in begins 10 minutes prior to scheduled departure times.  ​​

​​​​​Bus Departure Times​​​​Bus Return Times

Uthoff Valley Elementary​​
1600 Uthoff Dr, Fenton, MO 63026
Rockwood​ School District

8:00 a.m.​​4:00 p.m.

Wren Hollow Elementary
655 Wren Ave, Ballwin, MO 63021
Parkway School District​​

8:20 a.m.​3:40 p.m.​

Ellisville Elementary
1425 Froesel Dr, Ellisvill, MO 63011​​
Rockwood School District

8:40 a.m.​​​3:20 p.m.

2. Parents may drop off their camper at 9:00am directly at the Babler OEC Outpost and pick them up again at 3:00pm.

PLEASE NOTE: Before and after camp care is not available at the day camp facility. Campers will not be checked in until 9am and
late charges will apply for campers not picked up by 3:10pm.


​1) If registering online, full payment is due at the time of registration. 

2) For mail in registrations, an $80 deposit for each session is due at the time of registration. You will be billed for the remaining balance. Full payment must be received before the first day of camp in order for your child to attend. Camp programs are self-supporting and financial aid is not available.


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