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About Spotlight
​​​​Spotlight Productions is a community theater program operated by Parkway Rockwood Community Education's Visual & Performing Arts Program. Spotlight was originally developed and guided by a passionate group of parent volunteers and supported by Rockwood School District’s Community Education program. Over the years, Spotlight has embraced many wonderful years of development, communi​ty involvement, support, and ideas that have allowed it to continue to be the fun, exhilarating, and successful program it is today.

While we currently produce one full-stage musical, Spotlight’s production history is comprised of one, two, and even three show summer seasons, holiday productions, and various shows throughout the academic year. We continually strive to improve, develop, and seek new ideas for fun and innovative program ideas to offer wonderful opportunities for everyone to enjoy.

Our annual production held during the summer season is an exciting opportunity for beginning and experienced performers ages six and up.*  This six-week long program is filled with learning opportunities, fun, games, friendships, and life-long memories. Throughout the rehearsal process, we offer workshops and activities that teach participants about the many aspects of live theater. Open auditions for this program are held each spring. Auditions are open to anyone ages 6 and up.* There is no experience necessary. Each participant brings their own unique style and talent to the stage regardless of their​ experience. Rehearsals typically take place Monday-Friday from 2PM-5PM. There are some evening and weekend commitments. At the conclusion of the program, participants put on a full-stage production for the public with tickets available for purchase. There is a $325 fee for participating in this program. The production title for the summer of 2016 has not been announced yet. 

* Some productions require additional age restrictions due to licensing agreements.

Our production staff is comprised of nine talented individuals bringing their own individual passions, talents, ideas, and experiences to the program. All members of our staff follow the same employment procedures as all Rockwood School District employees including background checks, annual training, orientation, Board of Education approval, etc. Rehearsals are staffed by seven members of the production staff. We are excited to have returning and new team members including:

Production Manager - David Kozinski
Assistant Production Manager - TBD
Director - Laura Fontana
Music Director - Timothy Clark​
Choreographer - Kyle Rudolph
Assistant Director/Stage Manager - TBD​

Spotlight is a proud participant in the Arts For Life Best Performance Awards. We have received many nominations and awards throughout the years. Awards received include Best Musical Production for Titanic (2003) and Jekyll & Hyde (2004), Best Large Ensemble Musical Production for Chicago (2005) and Big, the Musical (2008), Best Direction for Titanic (2003) and Jekyll & Hyde (2004), Best Choreography for Pippin (2000), Chicago (2005), and Big, the Musical (2008), Best Musical Direction for Titanic (2003), and many other technical and individual performer awards. Our current program qualifies for participation in the Best Youth Production category.​


Visual & Performing Arts
1401 Froesel Drive
Ellisville, MO 63011

Call or text us at 636.891.6644

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