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Cast List
Cast List

​​​Cast List
(In no particular Order)

Jack Kelly - Jack Myers
Katherine Plumber - Megan Clar
Crutchie - Mason Kellerman
Davey - Brennan Ulrich
Les - Henry Chackes​
Racetrack - Gabrielle Lumdsen
Romeo - Adriano Robins
Albert - Evelyn Vordtriede
Specs - Anna Stephens
Henry -  Lydia Boucher
Finch - Aidan Vogel
Elmer - Jenna Nichols
Mush - Maeha Gopal
Buttons - Ruby Pfeil
Splasher - Jilian Depke
Tommy Boy - Arianna Powell
Jo Jo - Brooke Scheidler
Mike - Lydia Wiley
Ike -  Kendall Baumgart
Spot Conlon - Sanjay Manteuffel

Additional Ensemble 

*These actors will serve as various roles and have a large amount of stage time.  
The roles MAY include Newsies, New Yorkers, Goons, Scabs, Guards, etc.
Shayneisha Allen
Ashley Balsavias
Maggie Biermann
Sophia Doerr​
Liam Eads
Carina Galloway
Marie Garlich
Charley Gregory
Riley Gregory 
Reese Harmon
Tess Herrell
Allie Hoevelmann
Virginia McKeon
Chloe Millonas
Rowan O’Keefe
Olivia Owens
Leah Pfeil
Maggie Plaster
Kyra Schelker
Bella Shea
Adel Short
Camden Thomas
Marian Vordtriede
Tessa Wells
Lizzy Wheeles
Ben Wolf

Darcy - Bella Shea
Bill - Ben Wolf

Wiesel - ?
Morris Delancey - Amyra Taneja
Oscar Delancey - ?​​​​​

Joseph Pulitzer - Sam Eads 
Seitz - Will Everson
Bunsen - Brian Rubin
Hannah - Katherine Wheeles
Nunzio - Makayla Plunkett

Snyder - Ethan Wichman

Medda Larkin - Arielle Pedersen
Bowery Beauties -Morgan Brown, Lucy Kelley, Katherine Wheeles
Stage Manager - Ethan Wichman

Nuns - Arielle Pedersen, Morgan Brown, Lucy Kelley, Katherine Wheeles
Woman - Morgan Brown
Mr. Jacobi - Makayla Plunkett
Police officer - Lucy Kelley
Mayor -​ ?
Governor Teddy Roosevelt - Brian Rubin


Jack’s US - Adriano Robins
Katherine’s US - Arielle Pedersen​
Crutchie’s US - Aiden Vogel 
Davey’s US - Evelyn Vordtriede
Medda Larkin US - Ashley Balsavias
Pulitzer Understudy - Brian Rubin
Les’s Understudy - Leah Pfeil
Roosevelt’s Understudy - ?

For additional information please call (636) 891-6144 or email us at spotlightproductions@prcommunityed.org​


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1401 Froesel Drive
Ellisville, MO 63011

Call or text us at 636.891.6644

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