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It's important for children to stay engaged and learning in the summer.

Why Summer Learning?

​​​In summer learning children play, learn, design, explore and discover.  They can try new things, develop and expand on skills they already have and can grow and gain independence.

It's not just about exploration, discovery and having fun, it's also vital to prevent 'summer learning loss.' Summer learning loss is the phenomenon where young people lose academic skills over the summer.​ 

At the Summer Expo you and your child can explore the possibilities and together create a fun, engaging and productive summer.

Questions & Answers About Summer Learning

Why is summer learning important?

Keeping your child engaged in educational activities is vital in preventing summer learning loss.

​Is summer learning loss a real thing?

Yes. On average students lose about 2.6 months of grade level equivalency in math skills during summer months. Research shows that students usually score lower on standardized tests at the end of summer vacation than at the beginning.

​Don’t kids want a break from learning?

No. A majority of students (56%) want to be involved in a summer program so they can keep up with their schoolwork or prepare them for the next grade.

​Do kids really learn at summer camps or do they just play games and goof off?​

Not only do they discover the world of nature, sports, art, music or other enrichment opportunities, children learn about themselves. They learn how to make new friends, meet others who are different from themselves, and do things they were initially afraid to do and gain self confidence.

What activities are best for my child to learn in the summer?

​If your child is a wiz on the computer or loves to figure out how things work, dives into the pages of books, or loves exploring outside, there are MANY fun and effective ways to promote their learning during the summer months. Challenge your little engineer to get a new high score on an educational app or help fix something around the house. Take your bookworm to the library or read first thing in the morning before the distractions start. Sign up your busy body for a team sport, have them try a new sport or go on a nature hike. You’ll find the perfect summer experience for your child, no matter their interests, at the Summer Expo.

Where can I find summer learning opportunities?

​We’ve got the perfect place - the Summer Expo! Join us Sunday, February 9 at Parkway West High School. It's FREE!​